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Your house is more than just bricks and mortar.It is your home,a sanctuary,a source of pride,a comfort. Everyone tells you so: mortgage lenders, banks, estate agents,solicitors,s urveyors, architects, even the government - and they all make a living out of you! This does not finish when you have signed on the dotted line! Then come the removal firms, DIY, garden centres, utilities etc.

If you are paying for all these and more what rights and obligations do you have? Gardenlaw was set up to answer some of these. It is the world's premier site in the field and has a unique Discussion Forum in which questions are posed and views expressed. Each house has its own set of problems; its own history almost an ancestry which makes it what it is today. The deeds can be like a geneology and be just as fascinating as a family's own history.

What kind of topics can you find in Gardenlaw?

They are as varied as you and I but include:

Read on! We hope this site will help you.

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Before using this web site please read the disclaimer.

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do not email Garden Law direct with your legal questions. The discussion forum is for the benefit of everyone. Using it means everyone gains from your experiences and from the generous advice of our expert members.

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